Non-Profit Consultancy





"Over the years I have been involved in planning many fund-raisers 
and encountered numerous individuals in the process.  
None have equaled the talented Ms. Gursky."

Burt Lazarin
Executive Director, Identity House






"Ruth Gursky is one of the most tenacious fundraisers with whom I have had the pleasure to work and her follow-up is impeccable...With a special knack for integrating local businesses, underwriters and talent, she creates unique development projects and attracts new supporters from all walks of life. Never afraid to make "the ask," follow a lead, "pick a brain," or "call in a marker," Ruth gets it done."

James E. Marra
Spare Parts, Inc











"She is a tireless and imaginative networker. I am regularly awed at her ongoing, cheerful resourcing and recruitment of support in and from every quarter...Ruth is solidly organized and has a strong sense of Mission. I've watched her build and inspire committees and keep them focused; achieving results, always beyond expectation. She is articulate with both spoken and written word...she can focus on what needs to be communicated, and get it said, effectively."

Kile Ozier
Creative Director



"Ruth has the enviable quality which conects her with people. The ease with which she "asks" for support more often engenders a positive response. She understands well the need to create a bond with supporters in order to sustain membership and financial growth. Her genuineness envelops people and makes them feel as if they are a special part of her effort...Ruth radiates a quality that makes YOU want to be part of her team. She does not shrink from demands of small or large venues - she shines in them."


Stephen E. Karpiak, Ph.D.
Associate Director of Research, ACRIA
Former Executive Director, Pride Senior Network









"Once she makes a commitment to an organization she will work hard. Ruth will roll up her sleeves and do the work until the end even if the work is hard. Ruth is also honest, sincere and compassionate."


Janet Weinberg
Director of Development, LGBT Community Center


"With any program, event or activity, Ruth brings a level of enthusiasm that is infectious, which encourages others to join her in committee work and attend any activity she helps to implement. As a result, she is a successful fundraiser: all who work with her feel appreciated and valuable while producing events that are enjoyed by everyone...Successful resource development is a calling and a passion for only a very few. Ruth Gursky is one of those few."


Karen Taylor
Director of Development, NY Legal Assistance Group


"I strongly believe that Ruth does master the art of fundraising and that she could be especially useful with developing Planned Giving programs and Major Donor cultivation."

Amos Gil
Executive Director, Congregation Beth Simchat Torah

"The skills of the lovely Ms. Gursky, as a fund-raiser, organizer and advocate for the good cause, are impressive. She was a joy to work with".

Paul van Yperen
Press Officer,
Gay Games Amsterdam 1998

"Over the last six years, I have had many opportunities to observe Ruth Gursky in action...and I am continually awed by Ruth's strong sense of mission and her commitment to results. Her intelligence, creativity, leadership and abundant charm are obvious. Her dedication to social justice is passionate. Without hesitation, I am proud to recommend Ruth."


Rodger McFarlane
Executive Director,
Gill Foundation